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The History of Aroma Diffuser

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The History of Aroma Diffuser

The aroma diffuser originated in the old arabian fairy tale, aladdin and the magic lamp. This beautiful fairy tale vividly describes a story that the leading role Aladdin found a magic lamp that can realize all wishes, and thus experienced the legendary life. Aladdin was a poor child, but had a good and strong heart, so he got the love of princess. The secret to getting great wealth and realizing the value of life is not to have the help of elves, but to overcome your inner obstacles, overcome yourself, and face yourself honestly and bravely.


This fantasy and magical story is widely spread all over the world. Then, in some parts of the arab region where the story originated, a custom slowly emerged, which was to light a lamp made of pottery and fueled with turpentine and sesame oil at home, known as the aladdin magic lamp. People use this custom to express the longing for a good life and the persistent pursuit of happiness.

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At the beginning of the 19th century, this custom of the Arabs was taken to Paris by the Frenchmen. Romantic Frenchmen find that this lamp adds a lot of interest to their noble and romantic lives. On this basis, the Frenchmen modified the lamp. They changed the material that made the lamp from pottery to porcelain, which is more exquisite. And they added a new function, that is, aromatherapy function. The design principle of the wholesale electric touch aroma lamps is similar to that of the Chinese traditional hot pot, and many characters, animals, flowers and plants, architecture and so on are carved on the lamp. The Frenchmen set fire to the lamp and put their favorite perfume on it. Everyone in the room could smell the fragrance coming from the lamp.


With the spread of this perfume lamp throughout Europe, people used to call it wood grain aroma diffuser. It's very similar to the aroma diffuser we're seeing. With the progress of science and technology, modern people changed the heating mode of aroma lamp from the previous ignition heating to light bulb heating. Modern aroma diffuser has more choices in style than previous ones. At the same time, modern people change the volatile perfume into essential oil extracted from plant in order to maintain fragrance for a long time. Modern aroma diffuser not only has the function of incense, but also has many functions, such as lighting, viewing, decoration, collection and so on.

aroma lamp


Modern aroma diffuser also has more advanced cosmetic function. The modern aroma diffuser decomposes the water and the dissolved plant essential oil into vapor with a diameter of 0.1 to 5 microns through the high-frequency oscillation generated by the ultrasonic vibration device, then it diffuse the vapor into the surrounding air and make the air is full of fragrance. The material used in ancient aromatherapy beauty treatment is the plant itself, while the modern material is the essential oil extracted from the plant, which increases the effect of beautifying the body skin, treating heart disease and strengthening the body. 

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