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The Meaning of Hotel Aroma

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How to choose hotel aroma is very important, you need to be responsible for the hotel brand and to the guests. The first condition for choosing hotel aroma is to improve the comfort and satisfaction of the guests. If most of the guests do not like this fragrance, it must be a failed choice. The second is to be able to interpret hotel brands. For example, high-end business hotels are best to use fresh and elegant aromatherapy as the first choice. Couple hotels better to choose the psychedelic aromatherapy, enhancing the satisfaction of guests while showing the hotel's own brand. The main aroma diffuser used in domestic star-rated hotels are fresh flowers and fruits such as Greene Classic, Natural Exotic Flower, Greene 9, Eternal Charm, and Pastoral Light.

hotel aromatherapy aroma diffuser


First of all, you need to know whether the fragrance layout of your hotel really achieves the effect you want. Only by persuading yourself can you persuade your customers. Many bosses think that hotel aromatherapy layout is a very easy task, it is just to install a few machines and change a few bottles of essential oils regularly, and so you are wrong and think that a professional aroma diffuser company will help you design an aroma solution. You should definitely investigate your space layout and plan the installation direction of the aroma machine reasonably to ensure the uniform spread of the fragrance. A more professional company will also help you to be accurate so as not to waste every inch of space utilization, which not only maximizes the use of fragrance distribution, but also save a lot of input costs. You need to know that hotel aromatherapy aroma diffuser is a long-term investment. Every penny saved in the initial stage has evolved into a huge profit after time. So, how can the layout maximize the effect of aromatherapy?


Today, more and more hotels are beginning to pay attention to fragrance marketing. The way of hotel marketing through the brand's olfactory label to captivate their own customer groups is also becoming more and more popular, but the popularity of olfactory marketing brings fierce competition. The results of marketing methods are not the same with the same marketing method. Some hoteliers spend a lot of money and time on hotel aromatherapy marketing, but the return is not satisfactory, but some hoteliers have received generous feedback. What is the difference between them? Today, let's analyze it.

hotel aromatherapy aroma diffuser


The lobby is the facade and signboard of the hotel. It is the focal point of the hotel's fragrance layout and is the symbol and business card for creating the hotel's fragrance. This is achieved by installing aromatherapy equipment in the lobby revolving door, the front desk, and the fresh air outlet above the lobby. Aroma humidifier in hotel elevator layout can reflect the details of hotel aromatherapy marketing. It is not necessary to use aroma all day and all time. For example, if infrared sensor mode is used, it is better when someone uses the elevator to start working. Room fragrance can be customized. The women's floor is recommended to be roses, lavender, sip and other women's favorite fragrance.


The introduction of hotel ultransmit aroma diffuser is an inevitable thing of aromatherapy entering the hotel. Therefore, hotel remote aroma diffuser has its specific value. Applying aroma to hotel rooms is bound to bring certain commercial value.

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