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The harm of mosquito to baby

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Every summer, mosquitoes come out. Hateful mosquitoes always bully the baby, when baby sleep, his face, arms, legs covered may have a lot of scars. A small mosquito can make a whole family helpless. Why do mosquitoes like babies? Because mosquitoes have a strong sense of smell, carbon dioxide is their directional scent source. And the baby metabolism is high, so easy to be loved by mosquitoes. Furthermore, the baby's skin is smooth and tender, easy to sweat, simply became the mosquito meal of the choice!

1. The harm of mosquitoes to babies

(1) Spread disease

Scientists have discovered that mosquitoes can spread diseases in more than 80 species and do great harm. Especially to the baby body injury greater disease, such as epidemic b encephalitis, is often transmitted by mosquitoes, young children suffer its harm. IN particular, 90% of cases of encephalitis occur in the summer and are mainly transmitted by mosquitoes. Ninety percent of the cases occurred during the 7, 8, and 9 months, especially in children aged 2 to 7 years. When a child is ill, the onset is often more acute, accompanied by headache, nausea and ejective vomiting. It is accompanied by lethargy and mental exhaustion, followed by confusion, convulsions and even respiratory failure.


(2) Affect sleep

For babies, sleep is a major part of their daily routine. If bitten by mosquitoes, baby will often feel painful and itchy, and is difficult to fall asleep, which will cause crying, not only the sleep quality is reduced, but also let nurse and baby mother feel headache.


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2. Mistakes in mosquito repellent methods

(1) Mosquito repellent incense or electronic mosquito repellent incense

Today, most mosquito coils contain inulin. Coil mosquito-repellent incense burning up the smoke, will cause respiratory discomfort, not recommended for the baby to use. When using non-scented best mosquito control liquid, indoor air circulation should be maintained. This is the same as aroma diffuser's repellent principle.


(2) Vitamin B1 repels mosquitoes

Some people rub the vitamin B1, vitamin B1 and he smells mixed into taste, is exactly what the mosquitoes don't like, so drive midge effect. But not for most people.


(3) Chinese herbs or herbs to repel mosquitoes

These methods have also not been scientifically tested, their effectiveness and safety have not been proven, and are not recommended for babies. Our company's flagship products, aroma diffuser light and mosquito killer lamp, are all based on the principle of ultrasonic repellent, which has very little harm to human body.



3. Proper physical mosquito repellent technique

In order to avoid mosquito bites, it is best to start from mosquito control. Which is conservatively recommended that infants less than 6 months of age use physical mosquito control methods.


(1) Screen window, mosquito net isolation

This is the safest and most effective method of mosquito control. Install screen window in the bedroom of the baby, use mosquito net to the baby at night, and then take ultrasonic pest reject ready to kill mosquito at any time. This is the simplest direct pest repeller.


(2) Avoid "breeding" mosquitoes

Mosquito larvae live in water, so timely clean up the water, maintain environmental hygiene, can take mosquito repellent products to prevent mosquitoes! Need to pay special attention to easy water: garbage cans, sinks, sewers, etc.


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4. Effective chemical products

Selection of mosquito repellent products, mainly look at two points: first look at the effective ingredients, second looks at the content of ingredients. The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention recommends four best tick repellents: DEET, emenin, ecredine and lemon eucalyptus oil. Our company's electric aroma diffuser is a very popular product. It can judge the effect of using aroma diffuser color changing, which is very convenient.

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