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The harm of traditional mosquito repellent products.

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Mosquito-repellent incense, toilet water are traditional mosquito repellent products, but in fact these products are micro toxic agricultural products, so pregnant mothers, newborn babies should be careful to use. Although the toxicity of chemical repellent products is controlled within safe limits, be careful when purchasing such products.



1. Common mosquito repellents

(1) Electricity mosquito-repellent incense

Electric mosquito repellent incense is the pyrethrum and other inhaled mosquito repellent tablets, after heating evaporation, to achieve the anti-mosquito effect, generally can be maintained for 6-8 hours. Liquid electric mosquito-repellent incense is the use of the principle of the capillary, continuous heating release insecticide, the most convenient use. A bottle of mosquito repellent liquid can be used continuously for 30 days, eliminating the trouble of replacing electric mosquito repellent tablets every day. Pest repeller is the most secure mosquito repellent


mosquito repellent

(2) Mosquito-repellent incense:

After the incense is ignited, the pyrethrin in the incense evaporates with the smoke and spreads in the indoor air, paralyzing the mosquito's nerves and causing it to crash to death or flee. Mosquito-repellent incense is best used outdoors, such as around the home, in front of the door or in places where the air is ventilated. The effect of the mosquito-repellent incense and aroma diffuser is the same.


(3) Mosquito dew:

Contains bionic repellent materials, can make the mosquito illusion, lose the desire to bite people. The time limit can be up to 5 hours. Some mosquito-repellent toilet water also contains valuable Chinese herbal ingredients, with cool, to the function of cooling, cooling, it can be said to be a multi-purpose.



2. Precautions for choosing mosquito repellent

(1) The infant's brain is not yet fully developed. Therefore, mosquito repellent incense and other insecticides are strictly prohibited in families with infants. Mosquito control can be installed screen door, screen window, with the mosquito swat to kill mosquitoes, and the use of mosquito nets and other methods.


(2) Pay attention to the use order. First close the doors and Windows, then light the mosquito-repellent incense, people immediately leave for an hour or two, after coming back, first sweep the ground with a broom, and open the doors and Windows into the room after full ventilation.


mosquito repellents

(3) Use different brands of mosquito repellent incense in turn. Among our company's products, electric aroma diffuser is the best seller.


(4) Mosquito density is higher in the area, can be the mosquito net in the appropriate concentration of pyrethrum liquid soak, dry before use.


(5). The insecticide in mosquito repellent incense is not only acute toxic to humans, but also chronic toxic. Some of its effects on the human body take a long time to emerge. When using aroma diffuser, observe the aroma diffuser color change is the best way, different aroma diffuser light represents different meanings.


(6) When buying mosquito repellent incense, you should choose pyrethrin mosquito repellent incense at first, then choose pyrethrin mosquito repellent incense or deltamethrin and other low-toxic pyrethrin mosquito repellent incense. Do not buy or use mosquito repellent incense made with organochlorine or organophosphorus insecticides. Mosquito killer lamp is also a popular product of our company. Its harm to human body is negligible.


(7) To buy in the regular supermarket, be care for those irregular  mosquito incense and mosquito tablets.

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