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The key steps of cleaning the aroma diffuser

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With the use of the aroma diffuser, most of the essential aroma oil will enter the air, and a small part of the essential oil will still remain in the instrument. After some time, the residual essential aroma oil will become sticky due to oxidation in the humid environment, especially wood grain aroma diffuser, pineapple shape aroma diffuse, glass bottle aroma diffuser have more obvious reflection. After oxidation, the essential aroma oil not only has no bactericidal effect, but also becomes the nutritional source of bacteria. In addition, these pollutants will also block the outlet of the mist and affect the normal use of the aroma diffuser machine. So it's quite necessary to clean your own aroma diffuse. For you aroma life, it's better for you to wash your aroma diffuse once a week, it won’t take you a lot time. The steps of washing the aroma diffuse are following:



Step 1

Turn off the power. Safety is the most important for you. So please turn off the power and then do the next thing. Although it’s a little thing, if you forget, if may have serious result.


aroma oil bottle



Add water. The water you add must be below the maximum water level. The aroma container has its maximum water level. If you add too much water, the internal electric line will be influenced by the water, the aroma diffuser will be malfunction. The worst thing is that you perhaps get an electric shock and hurt your own body. So you should be careful when you add the water and watch carefully.


automatic aroma diffuser



Add vinegar. Some people will fell confused and don not know the reason of adding the vinegar to the aroma diffuser. Actually, it the quite key step during the whole steps of cleaning the aroma diffuser. White vinegar can decompose effectively the essential oil oxide remained in the aroma diffuser machine.




Open the automatic aroma diffuser. You should turn on the power and let the aroma machine start working for ten minutes, and let the ultrasonic wave vibrate fully. Don forget this step. Through this step, the essential oil oxide can be fully decomposed by the vinegar.




Pour the water or the vinegar of the aroma diffuser. You should turn off the aroma diffuser and next turn off the electricity firstly, and then pour the water of the aroma diffuser.   




Wipe the aroma diffuser. You should use towel or cotton piece to wipe the aroma diffuser from the outside to the inside. This step is mainly to wipe the water in the aroma diffuser machine and make the aroma diffuser work normally. Finally, you can enjoy the aroma from the machine.


Actually, there is another way to wash the aroma diffuser machine. You can use handmade soap to wash the aroma diffuser especial the glass aroma oil bottle. Firstly, you should prepare a pot and pour the water into the pot, then put the glass bottle of the aroma diffuser machine into it. And you can put tea tree essential oil better into the pot. 

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