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The origin and principle of aromatherapy

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As an adjunct therapy, aromatherapy can help us soothe nerves and relieve stress. What is its origin and principle?


Aromatherapy, a term that is unique in modern times, originated from ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt, and then was prevalent in Europe, which uses aroma essential oils to relieve mental stress and improve the health of the body. At first, it was mostly used in refreshing or religious meditation.


It was invented by French chemist Renee Maurice Gattefosse in 1937. By chance, he discovered that the oil of peppermint or lavender had a special healing power. Once in his spice laboratory, he accidentally burned his hands. In a panic, he immediately poured peppermint oil from the bottle beside him and applied it on his hands, which healed quickly and without scars. As a consequence, he thought this was the peculiar effect of peppermint oil.


In the meanwhile, this experience aroused his interest, he beginning to study the therapeutic effects of some "essential oils". These oils were derived from natural materials and had high purity, which were made from the flowers of distilled plants. He called this new method "Aromatherapy".

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Ancient Egyptians used essential oils for post-bath massage and mummy treatment. The Greeks used it in medicine and makeup. Gattefosse’s experience also confirmed the scientific basis of plant essential oils, that was, "plant essential oils can reach the deep tissues of the skin due to their excellent permeability, which is absorbed by the small vessels, and finally by the blood circulation, they reached the organ being treated. "


Aromatherapy is derived from the two terms – “Aroma” and “Therapy “ in French. Specifically, the highly-scented plant petals, branches and leaves are refined and then absorbed through the body's pores, which will penetrate into the deep tissues and fat parts of the endothelium, and even reach the blood, and play its therapeutic role through blood circulation. In addition, it can also be absorbed through the digestive system of body and then transported to various organs of the body through the blood to maintain and enhance the resistance of body.


Moreover, oil aromatherapy diffuser is able to stimulate the cerebral cortex through the human visual, tactile and olfactory senses, enlightening thinking of people, providing spiritual comfort to humans, and relieve psychological and spiritual huge pressure and diseases, so that people is in the position to establish positive attitude of life.


aromatherapy diffuser



Aroma is an invisible but scannable fine substance that penetrates into the air. Aromatherapy is an adjunct therapy, which is similar to orthodox medical treatment, but it does not replace orthodox medical treatment.


Aromatherapy makes the best use of the fragrance of pure natural plant essential oil and the healing power of the plant itself. With a special massage method, through the absorption of olfactory organs and skin, it reaches the nervous system and blood circulation to help the body and mind to relax, achieve the purpose of skin maintenance and improve the health of the body, which makes the body, mind and spirit get balance and unity.


The basic principle of aromatherapy is to use the healing power of plants for health, beauty, body treatment and emotional stability. Effective aromatherapy has the capability to create atmosphere, enhance creativity and increase work efficiency. In addition to body care, aromatherapy has many benefits, which has become an indispensable part of daily life. Aromatherapy is a kind of natural medicine, which is an alternative therapy that is popular in the world.



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