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Various Functions of Humidifier

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Why do we need a humidifier? Staying in the air-conditioned and heated rooms for a long time, you will get dry face, dry lips, dry hands, and there will be disturbing static electricity. Dryness is uncomfortable, harmful to health, and can cause various respiratory infections such as asthma and tracheitis. The human body is very sensitive to humidity and its changes. Maintaining proper humidity can inhibit the growth and spread of germs, and help improve immunity.


The room relative humidity reaches 45 ~ 65% RH, when the temperature is 20 ~ 25 degrees, the human body and thinking are in the best state. Under this environment, people will feel comfortable, and they can receive the ideal effect whether rest or work.


Humidity below 35% in winter will affect people's comfort and health. Living in an environment with low humidity, in addition to making people feel uncomfortable, can also easily cause allergies, asthma and immune system diseases. If you want to improve the indoor air humidity, you can get help by adjusting the humidifier.

Humidifiers are roughly divided into the following two types.

ultrasonic air humidifier aroma diffuser


Ultrasonic humidifier: The water is atomized by ultrasonic oscillation to achieve a uniform humidification effect, which is characterized by quick and intuitive humidification, relatively low price, and obvious spray. The shortcoming is that there is a requirement for water quality, pure water or distilled water is required, and white powder is easy to appear with ordinary tap water. In addition, for people with weak respiratory tract, long-term use will produce certain harm.


Pure humidifier: no spray phenomenon, no white powder phenomenon, no scaling, low power, with air circulation system, can filter air and kill bacteria.


In addition to the humidification function, many current humidifiers also add additional functions such as negative ion and oxygen bar according to market demand. In addition to humidification, what other functions should we pay attention to?


Automatic protection device: In order to ensure safety, the humidifier must have an automatic protection device for water shortage. The humidifier will automatically stop humidification when there is insufficient water in the water tank of the humidifier, so there is no need to worry about the problem of the dryer.


Humidity meter: In order to facilitate the control of the indoor humidity status, some humidifiers have added a humidity meter function, which is very convenient to control the indoor humidity status.

ultrasonic air humidifier aroma diffuser


Constant humidity function: The home humidifier should preferably have a constant humidity function. Excessive humidity can easily cause problems such as bacterial proliferation. A humidifier with constant temperature function, when the indoor humidity is lower than the standard range, the machine starts to humidify, and if the humidity is higher than the standard range, the amount of mist is reduced to stop working.


Low noise: Humidifier working too loud will affect sleep, it is best to choose a low-noise humidifier.


Filter function: Humidifier without filtering function, when tap water with higher hardness is added, water mist will produce white powder, polluting indoor air. Therefore, a humidifier with a filtering function is suitable for use.

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