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Want to Have a Sound Sleep in Summer? You Might Need a Mosquito Killer Lamp

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When summer comes, mosquitoes are literally everywhere. You can feel them, yes, I mean feel them in the laws, at home and even in bathrooms. It seems fighting against mosquitoes is one of the most essential tasks for us, well, except those who were born with mosquitoes repellent.


Working Principle

People can often see mosquitoes automatically come close to the light source. In fact, that is because mosquitoes have phototaxis, which means that they are naturally drawn to lights. Besides, mosquitoes are gregarious, so if one mosquito is drawn to the light, others will join them sooner or later.


The cold pole LED lamp in front of the mosquito killer lamp can emit light with a wavelength of 360-395nm, which is 50%-80% more effective in attracting mosquitoes than some built-in light sources.


The light source is strong but not dazzling. A total of 9 cold LED lights  are evenly distributed on the lamp.


When the mosquito gets close to the lamp, the airflow from the fan inside the mosquito killer lamp will suck it in. After that, the fan continues to run. The mosquitoes can only be dehydrated to death. It is non-toxic, smoke-free, taste-free and radiation-free. Children and pregnant women can also use it.




Tailored to Every Occasion

People normally use mosquito coils, electronic mosquito repellent liquid to keep mosquitoes away. However, many people dislike the strong smell that they produces. Besides that, there are electronic mosquito repellent and ultrasonic mosquito repellent, among which, mosquito killer lamp seems to be an effective tool to repel mosquitoes. Moreover, it is suitable for all occasions. There is mosquito killer lamp for home, mosquito killer lamp for cars and restaurants. If you want to have a cup of tea in your front yard in summer, the mosquito killer lamp for yard will keep mosquitoes away from you.



By the way, this mosquito killer lamp also supports intelligent mode. In the operating mode, touch the button for 3 seconds to enter the light control mode. When the sensor receives strong light, it will suspend work and start automatically when the light is insufficient. A good way to save electricity, isn’t it?


Scent-free, Safe and Efficient

It is relatively small, but big enough to accommodate mosquito corpus. It produces little noise, so you won’t be disturbed even when using it at night. Are you surprised to find that the problems that have been pestering you for so long can be solved so easily? That’s right, from now on, you can finally get a mosquito repellent that is safe, scent-free and efficient.





To achieve the desired killing effect, you should select mosquito killer lamps of appropriate power according to the density of specific pests and the covering area of the site.


When flying insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, strike the electric shock net, it will make a crackling sound, which is normal.


Check whether the voltage and frequency are consistent with that of the product before use, and use a power socket that matches the product.


After using it for a period of time, you should clean mosquito and fly debris accumulating on the base under the lamp in time. When cleaning, you must first cut off the power, hold the insulation part of the screwdriver, and use the metal rod of the screwdriver to disconnect the two cables, then press the outer net with two thumbs, take out the rear net, and clean the base.



Hope you can have a mosquito-free summer this year.


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