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What Effect Does A Mosquito Killer Lamp Have?

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The mosquito killer lamp has a yellow light, which filters out ultraviolet and infrared rays without causing any harm to the human body. Based on this principle, researchers have developed a special light source material that mosquitoes hate that can drive mosquitoes away.



Efficacy Principle

Entomologists researched the physiological characteristics of mosquitoes and found that mosquitoes are particularly sensitive and fond of certain light, and particularly disgusted by other light. Based on this principle, researchers have developed a special pest repellent light source material that can drive away mosquito. Photon mosquito repellent has successfully applied this principle. By using a special light source material, a large amount of light that mosquitoes don't like is generated to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Because the mosquito killer lamp produced by it uses visible light to drive away mosquitoes, it has no pollution to human body and the environment, and is the safest and environmentally friendly high-mosquito repellent product at home and abroad.


mosquito killer lamp

In addition to using pest repeller light, there are pest machines used ultrasonic waves to repel mosquitoes. Ultrasonic mosquito repellent device uses ultrasonic and audio means to mimic the sound and frequency of the dragonfly that can kill mosquitoes most effectively. It is safe, non-toxic and radiation-free, completely harmless to humans and animals, without any chemical residues. The ultrasonic mosquito killer uses the sound of male mosquitoes to join the ultrasonic wave, with a frequency of 5000-9000 Hz, which can achieve the purpose of expelling female mosquitoes. It can mimic the frequency of the mosquito's natural enemy, the dragonfly, to get rid of female mosquitoes. It can also be placed beside cats and dogs to drive mosquitoes away. So ultrasonic mosquito killer lamp is still very useful.


At this stage, most people still confuse the concepts of mosquito killer lamps and mosquito killers. Please note that the mosquito repellent light is yellow, filtering out ultraviolet and infrared rays, and will not cause any harm to the human body. The mosquito killing lamp is killing mosquitos by electric shock when mosquitoes approach when ultraviolet rays are preferred by mosquitoes. They belong to different product categories.


mosquito killer lamp


Mosquitoes are the main culprits in transmitting infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. In order to reduce illness and rest well, people commonly use a variety of mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils and various aerosol mosquito repellents, which are chemical. They kill and pollute the environment while killing and repelling mosquitoes. Someone sleeps for a night with mosquito coils, and the next morning they will have symptoms such as dry throat and dizziness. The LED mosquito killer lamp uses the light waves that are beneficial to the human eye in the sunlight and the mosquitoes are afraid of, and the ultrasonic mosquito killer lamp uses physical waves that mimic the sound waves emitted by natural mosquito enemies to achieve the goal of environmental protection that is both mosquito repellent and harmless to humans. If you are interested in ultrasonic mosquito killer lamp, you can contact us to learn about more.

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