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What are the Types of Aromatherapy

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Sub-health is a state between the health and the disease, and the researches on sub-health have becoming a hot issue in recent years.

Treating sub-health with aromatherapy which is able to alleviate or cure such a state by adjusting constitution and achieve healthy owns apparent advantages.


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Essential Oil Massage

A total of three drops of two to three kinds of unilateral essential oils are diluted in 3-4 ml of botanical massage oil for face, head, neck and shoulder or body massage. Massage has the capability to clear the lymph, remove toxins from the body, accelerate blood circulation and provide nutrition and oxygen to all tissues and organs of the body. In addition, because of the different effects of different essential oils, the effect of essential oil massage is two to four times higher than ordinary massage.



Essential Oil Scraping

Essential oil scraping is an aromatherapy treatment that uses a scraper to scrape the skin, which applies plant essential oils and base oils to the affected area or acupuncture points. Scraping is based on the twelve meridians and eight extra meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, which is used to promote blood circulation and vitality to achieve the correct effect.


Scraping the back which has bladder meridian, the largest meridian of human body, which excretes body toxins and enhances heart, liver, spleen, and kidney functions has the effect of balancing and supporting the human body and coordinating the activities of the limbs.



Essential oil Steaming

Electric aroma diffuser, safe as well as convenient, lets the essential oil be released into the air with water mist. Not only can steaming improve the environment and create a fragrant atmosphere, but also makes emotions of ordinary citizens released, stabilized and sublimated, and moreover, psychological and physical conditions of users are improved.


aroma diffuser


Aromatherapy Pedicure

According to the principle of reflex zone therapy, foot massage with aromatherapy air humidifier which makes the oil penetrate into the dermal tissue of foot, is in the position to subsequently activate foot skin and promote blood circulation and metabolism. As a consequence, the fatigue of the foot is eliminated, the soreness of the muscles is relieved, and it has a curative effect on foot sweating and beriberi.



Aromatherapy Hair Raising

Fungal, ringworm, seborrheic and neurogenic factors are the root causes of desquamation and hair loss. Many plant aromatherapy diffuser humidifiers have a direct killing effect on bacteria, which directly treats hair loss, scaling, and itching caused by germs. In addition, the essential oil molecules penetrate below the scalp, soak into the hair follicle tissue to sterilize and reduce inflammation, and consequently, hair loss caused by hair follicle inflammation is treated. At the same time, the essential oil molecule also stimulates the nerve center of the brain, regulates the human body through neuromodulation methods, and makes people physically and mentally comfortable, which is effective for solving neurological hair problems. Moreover, essential oil molecules, which are able to promote faster blood circulation in the head to increase the hair nutrition and autoimmunity, are a powerful guarantee for healthy hair.


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