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What are the effects of aromatherapy?

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Aromatherapy, an adjunct therapy, uses essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to obtain an integrated therapeutic effect of body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils contain chemical ingredients such as ketones and esters, which determine its healing properties, and consequently, it can be used by direct inhalation, bathing, massage and other methods to improve anxiety, pain, fatigue and wound healing.


Essential oils, like drugs, affect the limbic system of the brain mainly by sniffing and sniffing and penetrate into the body through the skin. However, it may also cause skin irritation, which is recommended for use under the guidance of a professional therapist. Many studies provide evidence of the efficacy of essential oils. However, in addition to methodological controversies, there are still disputes on safety and efficacy. For example, the interaction between essential oils and drugs, side effects and contraindications need to be studied and confirmed to provide the scientific basis for the use of essential oilsand furthermore,it also need to increase the possibility of using aromatherapy diffuser correctly in health care.

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Thousands of years ago, people cited natural plants to achieve health care, treatment, and sexual interest. After the era of chain improvement, it has evolved into what is called aromatherapy today. The main ingredient is extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits, branches and other parts, which has the characteristics of calming, sterilizing and astringent. It has been widely used in the beauty culture of bathing, skin care, and massage for a long time. Even today, modern people are subject to various pressures from the environment, emotions, body, and spirit, leading to the occurrence of civilization diseases. Expert research has found that using plant sources as daily health care is able to effectively improve people's stress and promote health without side effects.


The extracted essential oil has the ability to obtain the integrated curative effect of body, mind and spirit. Essential oils are extracted from plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, and peelsdistillation being the most commonly used method. Because the aromatic molecules are very fine, it is easy to penetrate into the blood, tissues and secretory system from the skin, which achieves an amazing and rapid effect. In addition, the particle molecules of several essential oils act like hormones. After interacting with the body's own hormones, it directly affects the response of conditioning the body and mind. The use of natural plant extracts through the skin, meridians to the nervous system, hormone system, blood system, immune system to help the body and mind to relieve and regulate metabolism, to achieve the function of promoting physical health and psychological pleasure.

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Essential oil contains more than 100 ingredients, and its chemical composition determines its therapeutic properties. Chemical components or molecules in essential oils are inhaled into the olfactory buds through the nose, or transmitted from nerve stimulation to the limbic system of the brain. The amygdala in the limbic system processes emotional responses, and the hippocampus can restore memory, which plays an important role in the process of fragrance transmission. When the fragrance is inhaled, the sense of smell is immediately transmitted to the limbic system to initiate memory. The smell and the emotional response are combined, which in turn makes the person behave like happy, angry, relaxed or anxious. When the fragrance is transferred to the hypothalamus of the cerebral cortex, it will affect the function of the autonomic nervous system and endocrine system. In an interview with a reporter, Mr. Hao Bin, a well-known domestic psychological counseling and stress management expert, said: "Scientifically proved that the proper use of essential oils can achieve the effect of eliminating tension and anxiety and establishing an optimistic and positive attitude."


Many studies provide evidence that essential oils improve sexual emotional states. Burnett, Solterbeck and Strapp (2004) reported that lavender and rosemary essential oils can reduce anxiety in healthy adults. Other researchers have also discovered the effects of lavender and rosemary essential oils on mood improvement. Using lavender essential oil to soak your feet can also improve the fatigue of patients with advanced cancer (Koharaetal., 2004). Wilkinson (1995) used Romanchamomile for patients receiving palliative care, and found that the quality of life and anxiety of the patients in the experimental group were significantly better than those in the control group.


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