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What are the harms caused by rats?

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With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to health. Rats are an important source of bacterial infection. The harm brought about by rats has attracted people's attention.



The Harm of Mice to People's Life

1.The mouse's congenital molar habit will destroy the production of daily necessities. The teeth of mice are growing every day. If they don't grind their teeth every day, they will have difficulty in eating. In order to grind teeth, such as cables, electric boxes, clothing, raw material packaging, will be mercilessly damaged by rats.


2. Flea is carried on rats, which brings trouble to people's lives or pet health.


3. Rats like to dig holes, which will destroy the foundation of buildings. Rat holes will seriously threaten the foundation of the building, and will evacuate the underground soil, causing local landslides and endangering human life and property. Therefore, when people are building, the foundation must be a rat-proof layer or a electronic pest repeller.


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The Harm of Mice to People's Health

1.The mouse carries the virus and bacteria, which can be transmitted to humans. There are more than 35 kinds of mouse diseases, among which plague, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and typhus are more harmful. Mice are host carriers of many viruses, which pose a major threat to human life and health. Therefore, mice have become the first of the four pests to be eliminated.


2.The feces and urine of mice can contaminate food. Rats like to walk around. In particular, they excrete feces and urine near food sources, which is a sign that rats occupy the place and leave safety information for their companions. The mouse body and paws are very dirty, so it is very easy to contaminate food.



The Harm of Mice to Animal Husbandry

1. Stealing Feed

In a pig farm, if the rats are not killed one year, the number of rats will be more than double the number of pigs. If calculated by a farm with thousand pigs, rats in the whole farm can eat 50kg of feed per day, 18 tons per year, and the loss of feed cost is more than 50000 yuan;


2.Kill Poultry and Livestock

It is very common for mice to bite chickens and ducklings, but also for piglets and rabbits.


3.Transmission of Various Diseases to Livestock and Poultry

Mice are the storage hosts of many natural focus diseases. They can spread more than 30 kinds of diseases, such as swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, plague, rabies, leptospirosis, tsugamushi disease, Salmonella, brucellosis, anthrax and trichinosis, through mosquito bites in vitro, fecal contamination of feed.


4.Destruction of Farm Facilities and Equipment

The teeth of rats grow about 20cm each year. In order to protect the lips, the rats have to bite their teeth about 20 thousand times a week to flatten their teeth. Therefore, they have to bite the buildings, various packaging materials, wires, cables, water pipes, insulation materials and other materials in the farm and warehouse. The annual maintenance and replacement cost of a 1000 head pig farm is up to tens of thousands of yuan, which also affects the normal production process.



The Harm of Mice to the Breeding Industry

Rats will destroy crops and affect food production. The damage to crops by mice is also very large, especially in the harvest season of crops. Food production will be greatly reduced and waste is very large. These losses are unacceptable. Use the best squirrel repellent can 



The Harm of Mice to Industry

The damage caused by mice to the urban industry is very serious. Rats bite into the cable insulation material to cause short circuits, drill into transformers to cause explosions, and cause strong magnetic field induction breakdown on high-voltage lines to burn down equipment. Many unexplained fires in cities are related to fires caused by rat bites and broken circuits. As for biting all kinds of items in the residents' homes, it is even more common.


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The Harm of Mice to Corporate Credibility

If there are rats in hotels, factories, it will not only damage the items, but also affect the corporate reputation, and the economic losses to the enterprises will be immeasurable.



With the development of science, scientists study the mechanical equipment that can drive away mice for a long time, and the electronic pest repeller is born in this case. The electronic mouse repeller uses the principle of ultrasound to drive rats.

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