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What is an Electronic pest repeller

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Mosquito is a kind of common insect in life. Female mosquitoes usually use the animal's blood as food, while male mosquitoes use the plant's juices as food. Mosquitoes not only make animals feel itchy when they suck their blood, but also spread some diseases to animals. In summer, the number of mosquitoes increases, we should prepare some pest repeller products, such as mosquito incense, electronic pest repeller and so on. Among them, the electronic pest repeller is an efficient product, the following content introduces the working principle of several different kinds of electronic pest repeller.



Working Principle of Electronic Pest Repeller

There are many kinds of animals and plants in nature, and human beings have created bionics by observing and studying the characteristics of animals and plants. In ancient times, people found that there were almost no mosquitoes in some places where some plants grew, so they  ignited these plants to drive away mosquitoes. By modern times, people have been able to use advanced technology to extract essential oils from these plants to drive away mosquitoes. People can put these essential oils into the electric aromatic diffuser, and the essential oil will permeate the room with water vapor, creating a mosquito-free environment. While driving away mosquitoes, this electric aromatic diffuser also emits aromas and increases air humidity, making people feel relaxed.


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The study found that pregnant female mosquitoes suck the blood of the animal, and at this point, female mosquitoes shun male mosquitoes. Using this characteristic of mosquitoes, people have invented a new class of electronic pest repellers. This electronic pest repeller produces the same frequency of ultrasound as male mosquitoes when they vibrate their wings, can drive away female mosquitoes. Since the frequency of the ultrasound is constantly changing over a wide range, this kind of electronic pest repeller can drive away a variety of mosquitoes. The frequency of ultrasonic wave produced by the general ultrasonic electronic pest repeller at work is above 23kHz, the human ear cannot hear the sound it produces, so it will not affect the normal work and life of people, and there is no harm to human health. Because the mosquitoes are not drug-fast to ultrasound, the ultrasound electronic pest repellers can be used for long periods of time and are effective.


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In addition to ultrasonic electronic pest repellers, there are also some machines that drive away mosquitoes are made based on bionic principles. By studying bats, people have developed an electronic pest repeller that can send electronic signals. Using the phototaxis of mosquitoes, a mosquito killer lamp has been invented to lure them. This lamp emits ultraviolet rays of a certain wavelength and is surrounded by high voltage electricity, which instantly electrocutes mosquitoes when they approach. In addition to this high voltage mosquito killer lamp, there is a mosquito killer lamp that uses sticky plates to kill mosquitoes. This mosquito killer lamp also has the ability to lure mosquitoes, which can kill mosquitoes by sticking the mosquitoes to the sticky plate when the mosquitoes approach.

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