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What's The Differences Between An Aroma Diffuser And An Ordinary Humidifier

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What's The Differences Between An Aroma Diffuser And An Ordinary Humidifier
Nowadays, people spend most of their time indoors. But because the indoor environment is not ventilated, it is easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, the use of electrical appliances such as air conditioning will also lead to a decrease in air humidity. As a result, more and more people are beginning to use humidifiers. But there are still some differences between ordinary humidifier and aroma diffuser.



The Differences In Function

Aroma diffuser: Aroma diffuser is designed for plant essential oils, and you can add water and plant essential oils to its tank. After adding plant essential oil, it not only can increase the air humidity, purify the air, but also can emit bursts of fragrance. Aroma diffuser can play a different role depending on the composition of the essential oil.


Ordinary humidifier: The main function of ordinary cool ultrasonic mist humidifier is humidification, only water can be added to its tank, and some humidifiers have limitations on water quality.


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The Differences In Material

Aroma diffuser: Since most plant essential oils are acidic and corrosive to ordinary plastic containers, most aroma diffuser are made of pp material. The chips and  atomization devices of aroma diffuser have been developed for essential oils with strong corrosion resistance. So the aroma diffuser can make the most use of plant essential oils, releasing them quickly into every corner of the room.


Ordinary humidifier: The ordinary humidifier uses ABS or AS plastic material to make the water tank. If you usually add essential oil to the humidifier, it will cause the tank to be corroded, which will cause the rupture, and even may produce toxic gas, which will affect the health of the body.



The Differences in Mist

Aroma diffuser: Aroma diffuser has a more powerful atomization function, but also has an advanced control circuit, so that each classic ultrasonic personal aroma humidifier can produce high quality mist, ensure that the mist is fine and even, can stay in the air for a long time, and increase the absorption efficiency of essential oil.


Ordinary humidifier: The ultrasonic shock power of ordinary humidifier is insufficient to completely break down the plant essential oils. Some plant essential oils may remain on the water tank wall, corrosion water tank, resulting in water tank damage.

Therefore, adding plant essential oil to the water tank of the humidifier ultrasonic mist maker will not only waste essential oil, but also cause damage to the humidifier, and even occur leakage of electricity, which will endanger human health.



The Differences in Cleaning Methods

Aroma diffuser: The water tank of aroma diffuser is specially crafted and its structure is simple. After using aroma diffuser, remove the water tank and rinse it with water.


Ordinary humidifier: Because the material of the water tank of the humidifier is relatively ordinary, the scale is easy to be produced in the water tank after use, so you need to use special cleaning liquid to clean the water tank. In addition, the atomizing device of humidifier may also be blocked by scale, resulting in the oxygen flow meter with humidifier work abnormally. 

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