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Where Should the Humidifier Be Placed in the Bedroom?

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In winter, because there is less moisture in the air, it is easy to make people's skin dry, especially when the air conditioner is turned on indoors. In order to ensure that the skin can be moisturized, many people will use an air humidifier to add moisture to the air and improve the problem of dryness indoors. The humidifier can be placed in the bedroom so that people can enjoy the moisture while sleeping. So, where should the humidifier be placed in the bedroom?




1. Placed on the Stable Platform About One Meter High

The small humidifier is best placed on a stable platform about one meter high, as far away as possible from heat sources, corrosives and furniture, and avoid direct sunlight. The wireless humidifier may have a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation during working. Although the radiation level is relatively low, we should keep a certain distance from it.



2. Two Meters Away from the Head and the Face

Experts says that the mist sprayed by a portable humidifier may condense dust and bacteria in the air. When using the aroma diffuser humidifier, it is best to place the humidifier more than 2 meters away from the head and the face.




3. The Humidifier is Best Placed in a Sunny Room

The cool mist humidifier is best placed in a sunny room, not in a dark room. Because the sunny room can be irradiated by sunlight, the room will not be too humid when the humidifier is turned on.



ultrasonic air humidifier


4. Don't Place the Humidifier Against the Wall

The wireless ultrasonic humidifier cannot be placed directly against the wall, and it is not appropriate to place it next to the wall, because the water mist will make the wall more humid, and may leave white marks on the wall.



5. Don't Put the Humidifier Next to the Appliance

If the ultrasonic air humidifier is placed next to a TV or a hair dryer, the water mist will affect the performance of these appliances, resulting in high-voltage ignition. Placing the air refresher humidifier next to home appliances for a long time will cause the internal parts to become damp and affect their service life. It is best to keep home appliances, furniture, etc. at a distance of 1 meter away.



ultrasonic air humidifier


6. Don't Put the Humidifier on the Bedside

For humid seasons, it is best to keep the essential oil humidifier away from the bedside. This is because the humidifier placed on the bedside may aggravate rheumatism.


Reminder: The air humidity has a great impact on the human body. When the air humidity is lower than 40%, the respiratory mucosa of the nose and lungs becomes dehydrated and its elasticity decreases. The dust and bacteria are easy to adhere to the mucous membranes, stimulating coughing in the throat. When the humidity of the human body is higher than 65%, the respiratory system and mucous membrane of the human body will become uncomfortable, and the immunity will decrease. The best environmental humidity is 45%-65%, such humidity will make people feel the most comfortable, and it is not easy to spread germs, so you should pay attention to humidity adjustment in daily life.

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