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Which One of The Office Humidifier Is Better ?

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There are a variety of humidification methods, but it is impossible that each type of humidification can meet all humidification needs, so it is important to choose a suitable humidifier reasonably according to the specific requirements of the actual project. It is understood that there are many types of humidifiers on the market, and some may not be suitable for the office. So which is the best for office humidifiers ?


It is understood that there are currently three types of humidifiers on the market, namely: ultrasonic humidifiers, thermal evaporation humidifiers and pure humidifiers. All three have different working principles and characteristics. The following will analyze its working principle, advantages and disadvantages in detail, so that consumers can choose the right office humidifier.


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Ultrasonic humidifier


The working principle of the ultrasonic humidifier is to use high-frequency oscillations to break up water into particles with small diameters, and then use a pneumatic device to blow these particles into the indoor air to form a mist of water. Using an ultrasonic humidifier can freshen the air, improve health, and create a comfortable environment.


According to experts, the advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers are high humidification intensity, uniform humidification, and high humidification efficiency. Energy saving and power saving, power consumption is only 1/10 to 1/15 of electric humidifiers. Long service life, automatic humidity balance, waterless automatic protection; It also has functions of medical atomization, cold compress bath surface, and cleaning jewelry.


However, the ultrasonic humidifier sprays out small particles visible to the naked eye, which also contains a large amount of scale, bacteria, etc. Once a person inhales, it will cause certain damage to the body. In addition, the original dust and bacteria in the air will cause secondary pollution by attaching to these small particles, which is why some places with high sanitary requirements prohibit the use of humidifiers. Then there will be radiation damage.


Thermal evaporation humidifier


The working principle of the thermal evaporation humidifier is very simple. It just heats the water to 100 degrees, generates steam, and sends it out with a motor. Although it is simple, there are many disadvantages: First, it consumes a lot of energy and cannot be dry-burned, which affects Keeping the air moist requires long hours of work, which consumes too much energy. The second is that the thermal evaporation humidifier has strong artificial operability, which naturally reduces its safety factor, and it is easy to scale. The market outlook is not optimistic. Electric heating humidifiers are generally used in conjunction with central air conditioners, and are generally not used alone.


Pure humidifier


Pure humidification technology is a new type of humidification technology. It can remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water through molecular screening evaporation technology, and it does not appear the "white powder" phenomenon of ultrasonic humidifier, and can purify the air. It is especially suitable for children with at home. With the family of the elderly, this obviously also applies to office staff. Compared with the other two commonly used humidifiers, it has no special disadvantages.


To sum up, the electric heating humidifier has no "white powder" phenomenon in use, and has low noise, but consumes large power, and is easy to scale on the humidifier. Pure type humidifier has no "white powder" phenomenon and no scaling, low power, and air circulation system that filters air and kills bacteria. The ultrasonic humidifier has high and uniform humidification intensity, low power consumption, and long service life. It also has functions such as medical atomization, cold compressing bath surface, and cleaning jewelry. Therefore, ultrasonic humidifiers and pure humidifiers are still recommended products.

pure humidifiers


For the variety of humidifiers on the market, in addition to purchasing basic functions such as dehumidification and air purification, you can also consider the beautiful and compact design. Before buying a humidifier, consumers must know more about the humidifier, so that you can buy ideal products.

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