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Why Do We Choose Aroma Diffuser?

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After a day’s hard work, would you like to enjoy a moment of peace and  tranquility? If you put a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the aroma diffuser, it will surely help you relax. Living in a fast-paced society like today’s, we all carry the burden of our own such as house mortgage, car loans and enrollment and working pressure. That’s when aroma diffuser comes in.



Different diffuser for different occasions

You can choose different kinds of aroma diffuser according to your own needs. If you are a driver and spend a lot of time in cars, you can buy an aroma diffuser for car. If you work from home, or spend the most of your time at home, it is advisable to pick a home aroma diffuser.


Besides, a variety of material are available for you choose such as  marble aroma diffuser, wood grain aroma diffuser and metal aroma diffuser. And if you can choose different shapes such as pineapple shape aroma diffuser and elephant aroma oil diffuser.



The benefits of aroma diffuser

You may wonder, I have a humidifier already, is it still necessary to buy an aroma therapy machine? In fact, the operational principle of the ordinary ultrasonic humidifier is the same as the aroma therapy machine. The difference is that the aroma therapy machine pays attention to the release of essential oils. Generally, one or two drops essential oil can last for a while. Therefore, compared with the ultrasonic humidifier, it needs less essential oil and produces less smoke.



In addition, the internal materials of aroma therapy machines and humidifiers that can add essential oils are resistant to long-term corrosion of essential oils, and most of them have special positions for dropping essential oils.


So, to see if your current humidifier can add essential oil, you can refer to the following indicators: Whether there is a separate essential oil injection box; Whether the internal materials of the body is resistant to the injection of essential oils; Or, just look at the manual to see if the aroma therapy function is mentioned. If your current humidifier meet the above criteria, you can also do without an aroma therapy machine.





Which is better, aroma therapy machine or scented candle?

The essential oil should be dripped in the aroma therapy diffuser, and the scented candles should be directly ignited. Aroma therapy stoves and scented candles are stylish and have relatively low cost, but compared with the aroma therapy machine, there are following deficiencies:


The open flame of the scented candle will consume part of the essential oil. At the same time, the candle contains paraffin, but the aroma therapy machine directly evaporates the essential oil;


It is not easy to control the aroma therapy furnace, while with the aroma therapy machine you can adjust the intensity of the aroma;


Although it does not have a significant humidification effect, the aroma therapy machine is helpful to increase the air humidity. So if you want a scented room to help you relax, aroma diffuser is the best choice for you.

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