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Why Is the Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller So Popular?

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As we all know, mice are active in various places every day, and they carry a variety of bacteria. Without knowing it, we ate the food that the rats have eaten. At this time, the virus transmitted by the rats in the food will enter our body. It is extremely susceptible to disease, and rodents reproduce very quickly. Once a plague occurs, it will cause great harm to agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry. So how can we eliminate mice in a fast and effective way? Viscose rodenticide, oil bottle attractant, diesel rodenticide and ultrasonic rodenticide are all desirable methods. In addition, if there are not too many mice, you can use sticky mouse plates, squirrel cages and mouse clips. The above-mentioned several methods can achieve the effect of fast and effective rodent killing. This article focuses on the ultrasonic rodent killing method. The following will introduce the ultrasonic mouse repeller from three aspects of principle, function and characteristics.

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Ultrasonic mouse repeller principle

Animals such as mice and bats communicate using ultrasound. The rat's auditory system is very developed, it is very sensitive to ultrasound. The rats can judge the source of sound in the dark. When young rats are threatened, they can emit 30-50kHz ultrasonic waves, and they can return to the nest by the emitted ultrasonic waves and echoes without opening their eyes. An ultrasound can be sent out for help at the time, and an ultrasound can also be sent out during mating to indicate happiness. It can be said that ultrasound is the language of rats. The auditory system for mice is at 200Hz-90000Hz. If a powerful high-power ultrasonic pulse can be used to effectively interfere and stimulate the rat's auditory system, the rat will be intolerable, panic and restless and show symptoms such as loss of appetite, escape, and even convulsions. Thereby, the purpose of driving the rats out of their range of activity can be achieved.

The role of ultrasonic rat repeller

Ultrasonic mouse repeller is a device that can produce 20kHz-55kHz ultrasonic waves by using professional electronic technology design and years of research on mice by scientific circles. It stimulates effectively inside and can cause the rats to feel threatened and disturbed. This technology comes from the advanced concept of pest control in Europe and the United States. The purpose of its use is to create a "rat-free, pest-free high-quality space", to create an environment where pests and rats cannot survive, forcing them to migrate on their own and cannot be producted in the control area, then to achieve the purpose of eradicating rats and pests.


We learned the principle and function of the ultrasonic mouse repeller above, and we will analyze its product characteristics below. Obviously, we must study the habits of mice to grasp their weaknesses and eliminate them.

rat repeller

Product features of ultrasonic mouse repeller

Our product is an electronic mouse repeller with ultrasonic function. Using the latest ultrasonic and piezoelectric ceramic buzzers and other advanced technologies and materials, it produces shocking ultrasonic waves with periodic continuous frequency through advanced electronic circuits. The mouse repellent attacks the hearing and nervous system of the mouse, forcing the mouse to escape from the scene, and does not cause it to be "adaptive". Ultrasound technology has been used to expel rats for a long time, but for the defects that mice gradually become accustomed to the failure of fixed ultrasound, we have studied the ecology and habits of mice in depth, and developed and designed multiple scanning variable frequency ultrasound. It directly and intensely stimulates and attacks the perceptual nerve and central nervous system of the mouse, making it very painful, fearful and uncomfortable, loss of appetite, generalized spasm, reduced reproduction ability, and ultimately cannot survive in this environment.


The company has the following rodent killer products: DC-9002 Ultrasonic (Anti) Rat Repeller, DC-9019A Electronic Ultrasonic Mice Repeller and so on. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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