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Why do family with children use humidifiers in autumn and winter and how to buy them?

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The necessity for infants and young children to use humidifiers

The thickness of the babys skin is only one-tenth that of an adult. It is extremely delicate and easy to lose moisture. The skin is prone to peeling and chapped in dry weather. In severe cases, it may be chapped and cause pain. Therefore, adding a humidifier in the room is good for babies. Skin has certain benefits. By inhaling a large amount of moisture in the air that the humidifier oscillates, it is helpful to keep the respiratory tract moist. However, if it is used incorrectly, it will not purify the air, but will increase the possibility of infants and young children suffering from respiratory diseases.


Humidifiers are classified according to their working principles

Ultrasonic humidifier: Ultrasonic humidifier uses 2 million ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations per second to atomize water into ultrafine particles of 1 to 5 microns and negative oxygen ions, and diffuse the water mist into the air through a pneumatic device. The air is humidified with abundant negative oxygen ions to achieve uniform humidification.


Evaporative humidifier: The evaporative humidifier uses molecular sieve evaporation technology to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water and completely solve the "white powder" problem. The air is washed through the water curtain, humidified and at the same time the air can be filtered and purified, and then the moist and clean air is sent to the room through the pneumatic device, thereby increasing the environmental humidity and cleanliness. It is suitable for families with the elderly and children. It can also prevent winter flu bacteria, but the price is relatively high.


cool mist ultrasonic humidifier


Improper use of humidifier can also cause sickness

Experts say that if the air humidity is 40% to 60%, the human body feels good. Once the air humidity is lower than 20%, the indoor inhalable particulate matter increases, and it is easy to catch a cold. If the air humidity is too high, if it exceeds 90%, it will cause discomfort to the respiratory system and mucous membranes, reduce immunity, and induce children to suffer from influenza, asthma, bronchitis and other diseases. If it is not cleaned up regularly, the mold and other microorganisms in the humidifier will enter the air along with the mist, and then enter the human respiratory tract, prone to "humidifying pneumonia".


Long-term use of humidifier is not good for human health, so humidification must be moderate. For households who have used humidifiers for a long time, it is best to configure a hygrometer to keep the indoor humidity within a certain range. At the same time, the humidifier water should be changed every day.



Precautions for using humidifiers

1. The humidifier should be placed at a height of 1 meter from the ground, so that the humidification effect is good.

2. The humidifier can only use pure water and cool boil water.

3. The water in the humidifier must be replaced every 24 hours.

4. The water bottle of the humidifier needs to be cleaned once a week, and the other parts are cleaned once a month.

5. Turn the humidifier to the maximum gear, and there is no white fog as a good humidifier.

6. Do not use the humidifier for a long time, otherwise the child will get allergic asthma.


cool mist ultrasonic humidifier



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