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Will you put essential oil in your humidifier?

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Nowadays, essential oil is common in our daily life and many of us use it in many ways. Some people prefer using the oil and applying on their body and that will bring the aroma to their body. Besides, some people like put the essential oil on the bath tub and have a nice bath. Both are quite common in the life, but do you know the way that putting the essential oil in the humidifier? The essential oil in the home humidifier can spread better in the air. The whole room can be full of the oil and you can enjoy it. There is only one question that not every personal humidifier is suitable for putting the oil in it. If the humidifier is not appropriate, you need other device to spread the essential oil.  


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The differences between the humidifier and diffuser

It looks like that the humidifier and diffuser have the same function. Because from the perspective of appearance, they have few differences, they all have a place to put the liquid and they all have the vent, and they  all depend on the electricity . So it's important to identity the humidifier and diffuser before you want to put the essential oil in the humidifier.   


The humidifier machine is designed for make the air moist. Dry fog humidifier makes the moisture into the water and it provides the water for the room. When the weather is dry, the humidifier can be useful in dealing with this situation and ease it. Its working process is that when the water is putted into the container of the humidifier, the appliance works and it brings water molecules into the air. The best humidifier makes the air moist, fresh which is good for people to breathe and provide a nice sleep environment.


The aroma diffuser is similar to the humidifier. However, The diffuser is designed for bringing the cold air into the air. The essential oil can be brought into the air by diffuser. The air will be penetrated with the diffuser aroma. 


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Can essential oil be putted in the humidifier?

Actually, many humidifiers are not suitable for putting essential oil on it. There are main two reasons. The first reason is that the humidifier is the heated humidifier that spread vapor through heating the water. If the water humidifier is putted into the essential oil, the essential oil will influence the effect of the humidifier. The another reason is that the humidifier is made with plastic. There will be some problems if the essential oil is putted into it, and the plastic will be damaged.   


But if your humidifier works like diffuser and the most important thing is that it is a cold air humidifier, the humidifier can be putted into essential oil. Before you put essential oil into it, you must have a look at the specifications and know the kind of the humidifier, and judge whether it can be putted into essential oil.

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