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Working principle and cleaning technique of aroma diffusers

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Aroma diffuser, a kind of aroma air freshener, has greatly enhanced people's quality of life. With the development of technology, more and more kinds of aroma diffuser gradually take the stage, such as ultrasonic aroma diffuser, remote control aroma diffuser and Bluetooth aroma diffuser. What's unique about aroma diffusers that draws people's attention? Today, we will tell you about its advantages, working principle and how to clean after use.



Advantages of aroma diffuser

1 Clean the air

Essential oil aroma diffuser produces a large number of active oxygen anions, which react strongly with harmful gas molecules in the air, and comprehensively eliminates the harm of formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.


2 High safety

The cold fog produced by essential oil aroma diffuser can be dispersed 100% and maintain the active ingredients of the essential oil, making the essential oil more easily absorbed by the human body, so as to give full play to the maximum effect, and can feel the original ecological aromatherapy effect in 2 seconds. It is fundamentally different from the traditional heating and burning hot fog methods. Its cold fog technology does not damage any components of the essential oil, and does not produce secondary pollution, so it is safer to use.

Glass aroma diffuser


3 Small size

The water volume of essential oil aroma diffuser is about 100ml. Only 1-2 drops of essential oil can be added in water to achieve aromatherapy, which is in line with the use of precious oil. Therefore, essential oil aroma diffuser is economical and applicable. However, the volume capacity of humidifier is large, mostly about 1L.


4 Strong corrosion resistance

Good essential oil aroma diffuser machine is made of special ABS material. Metal sheet is also special, which can resist oil, water and chemical corrosion.


5 Make the indoor air fresh

When greeting guests or caring about the peculiar smell in the room, make the air fresh through the fragrance of aroma essential oil diffuser.


6 Let you focus

When you stay in the office for a long time for meetings or study alone, let the faint fragrance of wood aroma diffuser refresh your mind.


7 Relax before going to bed

At the end of the day, when you want to relax your body and mind, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable through the fragrance brought by aroma home fragrance diffuser.



How does aroma diffuser work?

Through the high-frequency vibration produced by ultrasonic vibration equipment, aroma diffuser decomposes water molecules and dissolved plant essential oil into nano scale cold fog with a diameter of 0.1-5 μ m, which is distributed in the surrounding air, making the air full of fragrance. In winter, when the heating is turned on indoors, the air will become dry, so people will have dry lips, dry throat, hoarseness, bitter cough, dry skin, epistaxis and other symptoms. Aroma diffuser uses various ways to atomize water and pure plant essential oil to keep room humidity high and produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air. At the same time, it achieves the effect of aromatherapy. In addition, it can also assist in the treatment and relief of influenza, hypertension, tracheitis and other diseases, and play a protective role in the nervous system, cardiovascular system and human metabolism.


glass aroma diffuser


Cleaning tips of aroma diffuser

First of all, we can simply clean the glass bottle of glass aroma diffuser with handmade soap and repeat it about 2 or 3 times. Then we need to prepare a pot with running water. Next, we put the washed glass bottle and a drop of tea tree essential oil into the pot. Boiling water is used for disinfection and further cleaning of oil stains. After boiling the hot water in the pot for about 3-5 minutes, we take out the used glass bottle and dry it. Handmade soap is very environmentally friendly because it is made from vegetable oils and do not contain artificial chemicals. We'd better take out the bottle while the water is boiling, because the water vapor is easy to volatilize, and the hotter the bottle and the water, the drier the vapor in the bottle evaporates. Tea tree essential oil is commonly used to disinfect and sterilize. The tea tree essential oil used for cleaning can use the quality of RMB 80-100 / 10 ml.

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