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Core Technological Competence
110 patents for products
60 patents for invention.
Various electronic ultrasonic pest、mouse repeller, mosquito killer, aroma diffuser, humidifier and control circuit board for intelligent household appliance with international quality that can meet CE, ROHS, EMC, FCC, ETL, UL standard and obtain relative certificate.
Technology R & D
Engineers have the ability to design circuits and programs independently for more than 6 years. The R & D department can design new functional products or modify the functions of the original products according to the requirements of customers, and achieve the purpose of reducing costs for customers through reasonable planning.
The ability of product research and development
Up to now, there are 40 new products with international level, 35 products with leading level in China, 28 products with advanced level in China, 
Design team
Our Shenzhen product shape design team will combine the trend of the times and industry dynamics to design the shape of new products. 
Product shape can meet the needs of different customers, can provide a variety of solutions for customers to choose from.
Product instructions
Pest Repeller: Plug-in:
Mouse repeller
Mosquito repeller
Pest repeller
Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier(Product use method:add moisture to air)
Turn clockwise to unscrw and open
Rotate the suction wick to remote the core
Soaked cotton core about 1 minite
Cotton core installed back
Add the amount of water and the oil
Close the cover and press touch switch to operate
Pest Repeller
Aroma Diffuser
Pest Repeller Note: 
1. Please do not place this product outdoor, in high-temperature and wet environment or in water or other liquids.
2. Please tell the children in advance that it is forbidden to play with the product when it was connected to the power. 
3.  This product shall work continuously throughout the year. The product will take effect immediately after using. In general, the rodents will stop their activities after 7-20 days. For first using, 
4.   Make sure that the product is not blocked by furniture, electric appliance and other objects while using. The mode of transmission of ultrasonic is similar to that of light wave and it will not penetrate solid door, wall, furniture, etc. Please use multiple products in larger room or irregular room. 
5.  It is forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble the product for maintenance with permission to avoid electric shock or cause safety accident.
“Repelling” is more positive than “killing”: 
An expert study concluded that there is a certain “supporting quantity” in a certain space. If a mouse is killed, there will be new mouse born or invading this space, however, the corpses of mice are the shelters and rich nutrition base of a variety of diseases and bacteria. If mouse-repelling method is adopted to deteriorate the living environment and reduce the “supporting quantity”, there will be no mouse born or invading this space, nor worry about the hidden trouble due to dead mice. Therefore, “Repelling” is more positive than “killing”. 
Humidifier Note:
1. Please add water before using humidifier products and prohibit the use of humidification function in the event of lack of water.
2. When cleaning the product, please do not use the faucet to wash directly to avoid the possibility of short circuit of the product, it is recommended to use soft cotton cloth to wipe.
3. Recommended use of water-soluble essential oils


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